For the vessel(s) is ( are ) expected to pass through Turkish straits we need following documents which please fax to: +90 216 428 38 77
* Tonnage certificate
* Pandi entry
* Registery certificate
Please  further advise vessel’s full description including :
* Call sign
* Air draft
* Imo number
* Mmsi number
* Gasoil and ifo tank capacities.
* Daily bunker cunsumptions..
Should you arrange bunker supply at Istanbul road then please also advise expected bunker quantity on vessel’s arrival.

• If a vessel proceeds from a Turkish port in the Mediterranean or Marmara to a foreign Black Sea port, the upward dues passing through the straits are payable on the “Operating Vessels” basis. The transit passage only commences when the ship returns from the Black Sea, always provided that she again proceeds to foreign (not Turkish) port in the Mediterranean, without operating in Turkish Territorial waters. In such an event, it is up to the agents to submit a letter to Authorities stating that the ship is only performing a one way transit passage. In that case only 50 pct of the transit dues are collected.


For vessels which complete the full transit passage (up and down or vice versa) within a period exceeding 6 months, the full transit passage dues are payable twice. However, if the Agent is aware on either passage(up or down as the case may be) that six month period will be exceeded, a similar letter as above will serve to pay only 50% of the dues for each passage and thus avoid duplication. 

 •During the transit passage of the straits pilotage is not compulsory but highly recommended.

•Should any vessels declared its passage as transit,remains in Marmara more than 48 hours or offloads/loads cargo, instead of proceeding to a foreign port, then it violates the transit status. Difference between transit and calling vessel dues are to be paid.

•Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has increased the fines applicable to the ships and vessels caused pollution in the sea.